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Escaping perfectionism with Beat Ratio

In this age of iPods and file sharing, music as a physical, tangible medium seems to be on the verge of extinction. And with it, the limitations that once forced artists to work “harder” to create music. The first release from London based Beat Ratio is a reaction against the ease of this new way of working and the (sometimes useless) perfectionism that comes with it. Working exclusively “out of the box” with the aid of a cassette four track and drum machines, this project is an attempt to “craft” songs in a more organic way. The limitations imposed by the tape medium are used as a stimulus for creativity rather than a way to give a lo-fi quality. Plasticrane is very proud to release the first Beat Ratio EP with two songs, “Island in the City” and “Monkey Girl”. Enjoy and stay tuned.

Go to the releases page and download.


Welcome to the Rational Park

The growing complexity of today’s society seems to coerce and restrict rather than enhance human freedom. With our status of anonymous consumer, we, as small gears, feed day by day this huge and unstoppable engine called world. We should go back from the line crossed ages ago, go back and think critically and creatively to our real needs. Come back to our Rational Park.

Plasticrane is proud to release the first efforts of Rational Park, inviting you to reflect on the Nature concept and to celebrate one of the main event of Modena, the Festival Filosofia, a three days festival focused on philosophical lectures and surrounded by art, music and cool people from everywhere.

Go to the “releases” page, download and enjoy!


The Cave Sessions Vol. 2: Dead End Trails

Ehi guys, we’re in June!
After the short holidays for the Italian Republic Day (2nd of June),
we’re glad to present you the second volume of Women in Tragedy’s Cave Sessions,
which is a mysterious trip down through symbols of alchemy and high doped sensations:
ladies and gentlemen, enjoy Bob McCully’s last album, Dead End Trails.


Stress Metal!

Plasticrane Productions continues its research and spreading of
all the kind of experimental sounds and noisy views from the whole world,
now it’s time to introduce an incredible Mexican Band:
from la Ciudada de la Esperanza:
El Conjunto Aleluya
Have a hear on their Stress Metal
(a mixture of  Noise, Power electronics, Black Metal, Drone and more!)
in the album “Bebés de Plastico Fino“.


Liebe Plasticrane Kinder,
after an exploration of the BundesRepublikDeutschland,
in search of inspiration and new plasticrane fellows,
we’re proud to introduce SAUERKRAUT, a recently born
electro-cosmic, psychedelic and obsessive duo based in
the country around Modena, that pays omage to the
ancient cosmic sound of the teutonic land. Enjoy and relax..



holobscene“Ladies & Gentlemen & Wild Animals, the Grand Sons of a Bitcha
of Plasticrane Productions are soooosoooo proud to present here
the HOLOBSCENE CD by JAIP, available in free download.
Thus, we have to underline that this is NOT a Plasticrane Prod,
but a kind concession of JAIP, in hour honor and because
we definitely love this band, whose elements will be involved
in Plasticrane’s future releases as the cream is involved in the ice cream!
Ladies and Sissies, go to resources page to download and have a nice hear.”


Recently i’ve bought the domain
to build the new website and to improve the collaboration with thirtytyrantsprod.
Now if you go to the URL you’ll be redirected to this blog until the site’ll be complete.
There are a lot of releases planned for the next two months:
new NMI single, we’re talking with new bands to join Plasticrane,
some special limited edition, gifts, the PlaStore, e the photography section!

Stay Tuned!!