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Welcome to Paranoise City

Finally available the new Paranoise Project EP.
Use the Paranoise City tourist’s guide to enjoy the
contradiction of living in the modern era cities.

Go to the “releases” page and download it!


Alone in the Cold. With Blugo.

Cold(ness). Play Coldness.
Really adviced with ice outside…insight.
Perfect stormy weather! Inside.
Snow on the balcony as night company.
Wandering on a wind-chair.

To be served at negative temperatures.


The Danish Crown

Go to the “releases” page and download it!


Silent is the war that you fight everyday, going to school, paying your rent, eating your meal, reading your books; the one you fight to keep these basic rights by your side. The war that allows you to be aware of what’s happening around you; a simple, little thing, that today is so hard to do.

Plasticrane wishes you an Happy New Year with “Silent War”, the first EP from Rational Park. Join us in this place of sweet revolutionary thoughts.

Free download on the Releases page.




Sometimes everyone should try something different,
unexpected or simply that never considered before.
You might be surprised or not by these experiences,
but sure, you might learn something new.
For that Plasticrane is proud to explore a different
path with this release: electronic music, in particular
the wave of minimal tech-house.
Enjoy diukke.