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Welcome to Paranoise City

Finally available the new Paranoise Project EP.
Use the Paranoise City tourist’s guide to enjoy the
contradiction of living in the modern era cities.

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Welcome to the Rational Park

The growing complexity of today’s society seems to coerce and restrict rather than enhance human freedom. With our status of anonymous consumer, we, as small gears, feed day by day this huge and unstoppable engine called world. We should go back from the line crossed ages ago, go back and think critically and creatively to our real needs. Come back to our Rational Park.

Plasticrane is proud to release the first efforts of Rational Park, inviting you to reflect on the Nature concept and to celebrate one of the main event of Modena, the Festival Filosofia, a three days festival focused on philosophical lectures and surrounded by art, music and cool people from everywhere.

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Silent is the war that you fight everyday, going to school, paying your rent, eating your meal, reading your books; the one you fight to keep these basic rights by your side. The war that allows you to be aware of what’s happening around you; a simple, little thing, that today is so hard to do.

Plasticrane wishes you an Happy New Year with “Silent War”, the first EP from Rational Park. Join us in this place of sweet revolutionary thoughts.

Free download on the Releases page.



Plasticrane and Thirty Tyrants Productions proudly present Divine, the latest album by Wheel of Knowledge. Composed between 2006 and 2010, WOK’s ambient music evolved since previous acclaimed album “Annihilation”, becoming more emotional and more influenced by movie soundtracks. Divine is a 40 minutes odissey inspired by nature, solitude, travels, persons, by the imperative of choice, by cold silence, by a world to revolve. ¡Enjoy!, it’s a present from Plasticrane.

Free download on the releases page.


An History of Technology

After the summer break, Plasticrane Prod. comes back with a new look, and the new effort of our favorite ambient-noise duo, this time under the monicker MIR.
A concept album about the human being, evolution and ideas, to keep you aware of the deepness of existence. Liquid atmospheres and wrapping melodies filtered through the cold sensitiveness of the machines.
Enjoy and stay tuned.


Due to recent trades, “An history of Technology” will be soon available on Pizzico Hidden.

Album of the Year. Merry Christmas from Plasticrane.

Caucasian Frequencies – Imaginary field recordings from Caucasian and Middle East AM Radio

We were. We are. We’ll be. But Xmas night stops the passing time. We opened our toolbox and decided to take a long vacation from paranoia. Do you remember the tale about the blue and the red pill? We choosed to leave, in the sweetest manner. A deep, acid and warm set of angelic analogue sounds brought us far away, between the Bible and Hollywood. Felt like we were hearing the AM radio: incomprensible voices, sound pitches, choires of a distorted reality. We closed our eyes, pulled the plug and started to see lands we have never seen before, in few hours. Sand. Snow. Mountains. Cities. Skies. Cement. Animals. Military posts. Rivers. Blood. Trucks. Women. Poor peasants. Mercedes. Old dacias. Where have we gone?
When we came back, we understood we’ve been so far from home. We choose to present here our dreamy Orientalia speculations, instead of concrete Eastern impressions. The capability to imagine is still important for us. Fortress Europe already decided our reality. But we choosed to dream.
Welcome to Caucasian Frequencies, Plasticrane last effort to preserve an alternative Vision.
Z & G


Liebe Plasticrane Kinder,
after an exploration of the BundesRepublikDeutschland,
in search of inspiration and new plasticrane fellows,
we’re proud to introduce SAUERKRAUT, a recently born
electro-cosmic, psychedelic and obsessive duo based in
the country around Modena, that pays omage to the
ancient cosmic sound of the teutonic land. Enjoy and relax..


Thank you and Goodnight…

Lost Highway - Thank you and goodnightEp - cover“Dear Plasticrane fellows, in the 20th eve of Berlin Wall fall,
we’d like to commemorate one of the band which will remains in Plasticrane’s heart:
The band disbanded a lot of time ago but, shortly after the recording of HUMANA EP
(Plasticrane, 2008), the band produced two other songs.
But then, Lost Highway died and rot. Its body melt with the soil, and became part of the universe. This Ep is Lost Highway last epitaph, which lays in the green plains of northern Italy, precisely on Plasticrane’s server. Visit it in your daily musical excursions and leave a flower in its remembrance.
Thank you and goodnight…Ep!”



Plasticrane Productions releases, in collaboration with Thirtytyrants Productions,
composed by Wheel of Knowledge. ZERO is a short-cut movie (8mins) filmed
in stop-motion with plasticine puppets, reporting the psichedelic trip of Zero,
the tormented poet who dreams and write about his perception of reality and life.
The soundtrack (24mins) has been created exclusively for the movie,
and is now downloadable for free. Where? At Plasticrane, of course!

Wheel of Knowledge is an ambient one-man-band created by Zavo,
and operating since 2003. Other releases: Annihilation CD-r (2006),
Zelt1910er (2005), split with The No-Tone Project (2008),
My Own Wolf: A New Approach to Ulver (tribute-2007).

Check out Wheel of Knowledge at