Plasticrane and Thirty Tyrants Productions proudly present Divine, the latest album by Wheel of Knowledge. Composed between 2006 and 2010, WOK’s ambient music evolved since previous acclaimed album “Annihilation”, becoming more emotional and more influenced by movie soundtracks. Divine is a 40 minutes odissey inspired by nature, solitude, travels, persons, by the imperative of choice, by cold silence, by a world to revolve. ¡Enjoy!, it’s a present from Plasticrane.

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Finally available one of the longest awaited album of all times, and one of the most unuseful. Compiled as a soundtrack for a Science Fiction b-movie, is a collection of noisy sounds made mostly with analog instruments, crappy sequencers, guitar loops and a lot of mental disorder. Noisemonsters are here, to control you and steal your most precious energy, the noise. Enjoy the Rise and Fall of the Noisemonsters, an history of war, racism and social integration. Enjoy the amazing artwork and the animated gif included in the package.
Plasticrane special tribute to all the Sci-fi world.

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Kill Jesus Kill. Again.

Plasticrane is extremely proud to present the last effort of our favourite fellows:
Kill Jesus Kill.
Seven songs of delightful rage, against this “empire of fucking and filthy bastards who daily pollute the life of good and honest working people!”.
To invite you to keep your eyes open. Enjoy.

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An History of Technology

After the summer break, Plasticrane Prod. comes back with a new look, and the new effort of our favorite ambient-noise duo, this time under the monicker MIR.
A concept album about the human being, evolution and ideas, to keep you aware of the deepness of existence. Liquid atmospheres and wrapping melodies filtered through the cold sensitiveness of the machines.
Enjoy and stay tuned.


Due to recent trades, “An history of Technology” will be soon available on Pizzico Hidden.

The Cave Sessions Vol.3: My Favourite Actress

Meeting people is easy, today.
Meeting nice people is not so difficult, but it’s great.
Meeting a special person is great.
Love is a rare thing.

This album is dedicated to all the special persons in the world.

Greetings from the Plasticrane Staff reunited in Neukölln, Berlin.

G & Z

The Cave Sessions Vol. 2: Dead End Trails

Ehi guys, we’re in June!
After the short holidays for the Italian Republic Day (2nd of June),
we’re glad to present you the second volume of Women in Tragedy’s Cave Sessions,
which is a mysterious trip down through symbols of alchemy and high doped sensations:
ladies and gentlemen, enjoy Bob McCully’s last album, Dead End Trails.


Stress Metal!

Plasticrane Productions continues its research and spreading of
all the kind of experimental sounds and noisy views from the whole world,
now it’s time to introduce an incredible Mexican Band:
from la Ciudada de la Esperanza:
El Conjunto Aleluya
Have a hear on their Stress Metal
(a mixture of  Noise, Power electronics, Black Metal, Drone and more!)
in the album “Bebés de Plastico Fino“.

Women In Tragedy: The Cave Sessions Vol. 1: Dead Actress

Life is nice to you, some days. When you discover an artist like Bob McCully by a review on an anonymous blog – one of the tons present on blogspot – you simply realize how magic internet is and how wonderful is the period of history we’re living in (for popular music, at least).

The Canadian Bob McCully is principally known for his project Women In Tragedy. With this moniker, he released more than thirty albums, splits and collaborations in compilations since 2006 till now (yes, more than thirty), always in very limited editions by small, honest, brave music labels. Anyhow, the music quality isn’t affected by the quantity of music recorded. The few releases that I had the luck to hear can be described as a sort of electro-pop music with a psychedelic attitude filtered with lo-fi garage and post-everything experiences, but the judgement on Women In Tragedy musical genos (γένος) varies from listener to listener. But in the end, all you have to know about Bob McCully’s Women in Tragedy is that you’re gonna like the music.

Some weeks ago, I was reading Women In Tragedy myspace. Bob will surely understand if I quote here his words:

Since my last post, which was in June, I have finished three albums:

Dead Actress

Dead End Trails

My Favourite Actress

The first, I’ve sent out to labels, to friends, to see what happens.

Ditto to the second, although it is more of a shorter EP and was originally intended to come out on cassette on a label who has to go on hiatus.

The third is an album exclusively made for my girlfriend Stephanie Carpanini for her birthday. Who knows though, maybe it’ll be available one day, but I’m focusing on getting the first two out.

I took contact with Bob and I’ve asked him to release these albums via Plasticrane, and he has been enthusiast since the beginning with this idea. He wrote me:

You’re welcome to release all three albums, because they were all recorded around the same time, I feel like they could work well together as Vol. 1, 2, and 3 of a series. Especially since Dead End Trails is 4 songs, much like an EP, and Dead Actress is 6 songs and quite a bit longer. My Favourite Actress is actually 14 songs and very long, it contains a lot of ambient interludes as well as some really cute pop songs. So they all are quite different albums but I recorded them all at my last apartment, which was a very dark and lonely basement, so you could even call all three albums the Basement Sessions, Vol. 1,2 & 3.

These albums were to much good not to be produced on Plasticrane. So, we are announcing now that Plasticrane will release these three albums in a serialized way: each month since now, we’ll release an album of Women In Tragedy’s series, which has been called (by Bob – with an afterthought) The Cave Sessions.

Ladies and gentlemen, in this glorious month of May 2010, Plasticrane is proud to present you The Cave Sessions Vol. 1: Dead Actress, with a stunning artwork by G.

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Delay Lama.

From Z. archives…


Plasticrane is proud to introduce to you a new fellow:


and his incredibly evocative theremin experience:

“Theremin is the deepest of all mysteries. Reveal yourself in the depths of self-questioning.”