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Welcome to the Rational Park

The growing complexity of today’s society seems to coerce and restrict rather than enhance human freedom. With our status of anonymous consumer, we, as small gears, feed day by day this huge and unstoppable engine called world. We should go back from the line crossed ages ago, go back and think critically and creatively to our real needs. Come back to our Rational Park.

Plasticrane is proud to release the first efforts of Rational Park, inviting you to reflect on the Nature concept and to celebrate one of the main event of Modena, the Festival Filosofia, a three days festival focused on philosophical lectures and surrounded by art, music and cool people from everywhere.

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Finally available one of the longest awaited album of all times, and one of the most unuseful. Compiled as a soundtrack for a Science Fiction b-movie, is a collection of noisy sounds made mostly with analog instruments, crappy sequencers, guitar loops and a lot of mental disorder. Noisemonsters are here, to control you and steal your most precious energy, the noise. Enjoy the Rise and Fall of the Noisemonsters, an history of war, racism and social integration. Enjoy the amazing artwork and the animated gif included in the package.
Plasticrane special tribute to all the Sci-fi world.

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Plasticrane Productions releases, in collaboration with Thirtytyrants Productions,
composed by Wheel of Knowledge. ZERO is a short-cut movie (8mins) filmed
in stop-motion with plasticine puppets, reporting the psichedelic trip of Zero,
the tormented poet who dreams and write about his perception of reality and life.
The soundtrack (24mins) has been created exclusively for the movie,
and is now downloadable for free. Where? At Plasticrane, of course!

Wheel of Knowledge is an ambient one-man-band created by Zavo,
and operating since 2003. Other releases: Annihilation CD-r (2006),
Zelt1910er (2005), split with The No-Tone Project (2008),
My Own Wolf: A New Approach to Ulver (tribute-2007).

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