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Plasticrane 5th birthday with Le Maschere a Gas e Vedova Nera

Dear Fellows and Followers,
on the 18th of October 2013, Plasticrane Productions, our beloved independent and underground netlabel, celebrates 5 years of (silent and deep) activity. Is not easy to keep the head up in this crazy and branded world, but we would like to remark that our sincere independence and home-made feeling is still at your service to offer something that sounds special and definitely unexpected, even if in that last year we’ve slept a bit.
We are extremely proud to celebrate our birthday adding to our rooster
Le Maschere a Gas e Vedova Negra,
and releasing its long-awaited and psychotic vocal album:
Mater Semper Certa Est, Pater Numquam.
Enjoy and stay tuned. Click on the cover to download the album.

Welcome to Paranoise City

Finally available the new Paranoise Project EP.
Use the Paranoise City tourist’s guide to enjoy the
contradiction of living in the modern era cities.

Go to the “releases” page and download it!


Welcome to the Rational Park

The growing complexity of today’s society seems to coerce and restrict rather than enhance human freedom. With our status of anonymous consumer, we, as small gears, feed day by day this huge and unstoppable engine called world. We should go back from the line crossed ages ago, go back and think critically and creatively to our real needs. Come back to our Rational Park.

Plasticrane is proud to release the first efforts of Rational Park, inviting you to reflect on the Nature concept and to celebrate one of the main event of Modena, the Festival Filosofia, a three days festival focused on philosophical lectures and surrounded by art, music and cool people from everywhere.

Go to the “releases” page, download and enjoy!


MIR live!

After the stunning re-release of “An History of Technology” on Pizzico Records, we’re proud to announce the first MIR live concert.

Join us the 26th of February at Mattatoyo Culture Club in via Rodolfo Pio 4, Carpi (MO), Italy.

Many thanks to Pizzico Records.

Kill Jesus Kill last Ep – new version available!

The last Kill Jesus Kill Ep is now available in a new mastered version.
Click on the cover to download it, enjoy and stay tuned on Plasticrane!


Silent is the war that you fight everyday, going to school, paying your rent, eating your meal, reading your books; the one you fight to keep these basic rights by your side. The war that allows you to be aware of what’s happening around you; a simple, little thing, that today is so hard to do.

Plasticrane wishes you an Happy New Year with “Silent War”, the first EP from Rational Park. Join us in this place of sweet revolutionary thoughts.

Free download on the Releases page.


Kill Jesus Kill. Again.

Plasticrane is extremely proud to present the last effort of our favourite fellows:
Kill Jesus Kill.
Seven songs of delightful rage, against this “empire of fucking and filthy bastards who daily pollute the life of good and honest working people!”.
To invite you to keep your eyes open. Enjoy.

To download go to the releases page.



We’re proud to introduce a new Plasticrane band:
This is their inspiring philosophy:
“Ugliness, deceit and lie pollute our world
and so: Jesus, kill’em all, if you’re there, obviously!”

Here on plasticrane with their first EP.
Go to Release section and download the EP and visit: